Still not sure about your analytics infographic?

I decided to play around with Canva tonight and put together an example infographic using my own analytics. It’s not the pinnacle of what can be done, but it’s certainly passable for this assignment. (I started with the “Charity” template and then began rearranging the elements and colors to fit what I wanted to create.)

If your Twitter stats aren’t stellar, here are some other ideas:

  • A timeline of your top tweets, with accompanying numbers
  • A comparison of your stats to the “best practices” outlined in the Writing for Social Media folder readings (cite your sources!) and a conclusion that outlines what you can do better

Reminders for the infographic–it should:

  • Contain at least five points of numbers-based relevant information
  • Present a thoughtful flow of information, starting with an engaging headline, leading to your data points, and ending with a conclusion that is a relevant call to action or directs people to where they can get more info on this topic
  • Follow good design principles, such as limited use of color & typography
  • Cite all sources of information clearly and thoroughly
  • Give you credit as the designer

Greatest Hits

How did I do this? I looked at my analytics worksheet and color-coded the tweets that appeared in more than one category. In turn, that helped me identify the thematic patterns for my infographic.

Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 9.38.29 PM


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